Men's Pouch Bags and Clutches

The pouch bag is an essential piece for any modern man’s wardrobe, offering decorous viability alongside sophistication unique to minimalistic carriers. Louis Vuitton’s range of men’s pouch bags and clutches are versatile and varied, featuring discerning pieces from the Maison’s exclusive Soft Trunk Family and Leather Highlight Collection.

From clutches accented by Virgil Abloh’s iconic resin chain to men’s pouch bags embossed with variations of the Maison’s checkerboard motif, each pouch bag and clutch from Louis Vuitton is made with indulgent artisanal attention, flawlessly put together with unsurpassed adroitness and savoir-faire.

Explore men’s pouch bags and clutches at Louis Vuitton today, or view other carrying choices from the Maison’s curated collections of men’s bags and more.