Be Mindful Monogram Shawl

IDR 19.800.000

This exclusive collection of Louis Vuitton accessories and textiles gives our printed silks a second life thanks to the House’s eco-design approach, know-how and sustainability goals. Each product in the Be Mindful collection is unique, created based on the model of upcycling (the art of transforming reclaimed materials and products into new objects with greater utility or aesthetic value). At Louis Vuitton, we pay close attention to the lifespan of our creations. That is why the House is committed to preserving natural resources which give our products their beauty and quality by offering them a new life.

Embracing the zeitgeist for eco-friendly production methods, the Be Mindful Monogram shawl is repurposed from old silk squares. Each piece is unique and features a pure silk patterned frame around a square crafted from a silk and wool blend.

120 x 140 x 120 cm
(Length x Height x Width)
  • 47 x 47 inches
  • The transformation that the previous collections’ silk squares underwent imparts a unique character and added value to the products – each piece becomes one of a kind and is not compliant to the picture on the website.
  • Magenta
  • 60% silk, 40% wool center
  • 100% silk frame
  • Each piece is unique, crafted from recycled old silk squares