Bravery High Jewelry Collection

Marking the 200th anniversary of Mr. Louis Vuitton’s birth in 1821, the Bravery High Jewelry collection pays tribute to an exceptional destiny by reinterpreting the Maison’s signatures.

Marking the 200th anniversary of Mr. Louis Vuitton’s birth in 1821, the Bravery High Jewelry collection pays tribute to an exceptional destiny by reinterpreting the Maison’s signatures.

Actress and Louis Vuitton House Ambassador Alicia Vikander showcases pieces from the new Bravery High Jewelry Collection.

Born in the Jura region of France, Louis Vuitton was a teenager when he decided to embark on a journey on foot across France to Paris where he would become a legendary master trunk-maker. In honor of his courageous spirit, over 90 emblematic pieces are inspired by a powerful heritage, honoring Louis Vuitton’s bicentenary. Bravery – Chapter I retraces his remarkable saga in a dreamlike, metaphorical manner, from the birth of travel to modern times, while Bravery – Chapter II pays homage to the founder’s greatest creation: the trunk and its iconic features. Adorned with a wealth of unique stones, the locks, studs, and clasps lend their timeless appeal to the collection’s newest additions.

Chapter II

Le Multi Pin

In a feast of vibrant hues with 180 precious stones displayed in alternating colors, Le Multipin necklace features three perfectly aligned rows centered around an exceptionally translucent 42.42 carat blue African Tourmaline. Equal measure green and blue, the exquisite stone’s saturated color is in perfect harmony with the entire color palette.

Celebrating Louis Vuitton’s creative genius for innovative ideas, the necklace reinterprets the hardware of his signature patented lock on the diamond clasp. In order to perfect the shape, volume and positioning, a wax version is made as the first step in creating a High Jewelry piece such as Le Multipin.

Le Magnétisme

Boasting two rows of pink, orange and yellow tourmalines that come together to form a diamond-set signature V, the rectangular silhouette of the iconic luggage is reflected in the framing of a suspended 20.29 carats Sapphire from Sri Lanka. The luminosity of this extremely rare yellow-orange stone is magnified by its cut, which has the ability to refract color with increased intensity.

Requiring over 1,200 hours to hand-craft the necklace in Louis Vuitton’s High Jewelry atelier in Paris, the Maison’s exceptional savoir-faire is showcased in each step of production, from making the wax version to setting each stone in its own bezel. Echoing the metal studs, the trunk’s subtle inspiration is visible in the diamond details that adorn the corners of the pendant and the diamonds nestled between each Tourmaline.

La Mini Malle

The trunk, Louis Vuitton’s greatest invention, is honored in an exquisite interpretation of his signature design. The only monochrome set in the collection, the choker features three Mini Malles which showcase three star-cut Monogram diamonds, one of which weighs 3.34 carats.

With fine craftsmanship, each star-cut diamond is delicately set in custom-made square baskets that take on the form of the trunk. Paying tribute to the founder’s innovation, La Mini Malle theme translates the geometric shape of the Petite Malle, revealing the iconic codes of the Maison with unparalleled elegance.

Cocktail Rings

Completing Bravery - Chapter II, four exquisite cocktail rings exude the strength and finesse of this collection. Featuring a pink Sapphire, blue Sapphire, Garnet, or Ruby, each solitaire is encased in its own miniature version of a trunk with intricate detailing, such as studs and angle mounts, evoking the trunk’s silhouette.

Chapter I

La Constellation d’Hercule

A tribute to the birth of Louis on August 4th, 1821, these colorful pieces of organic magnificence reference a constellation only visible at that time of year through the unique pairing of tanzanites, opals, tsavorites, and a mist of LV Monogram Star and Flower-cut diamonds.

L’Elan Vital

Expressing the strength of character that led Louis to leave his native Jura for Paris, this fluid, rope-like necklace is reminiscent of the way trunks were carried on a journey, reinterpreted using more than 2,500 brilliant-cut diamonds.


To represent the 400 kilometers of roads and forests that separate the Jura region from Paris, this necklace intersperses Colombian emeralds in three rows of platinum, yellow gold and white gold which are entirely pavé-set with diamonds in Damier checkerboard stone marquetry. The necklace is further enhanced by the presence of a 3+ carat LV Monogram Flower and a 5.21 carat DFL pear-shaped diamond of remarkable color and purity.

The Arrow

Both a metaphor for Louis’ journey and a literal interpretation of the V in his name, the diagonally pavé-set Arrow necklace features a central V set with custom-cut rubies, sapphires and diamonds in an ode to the personal emblem of the founder’s grandson Gaston-Louis Vuitton.

Curling around the hollow of the neck like an ultra-precious scarf, The Arrow necklace’s tip sparkles with a 2.61-carat D IF LV Monogram Flower diamond and a sumptuous Sri Lankan sapphire with a perfect royal blue crystal weighing over 26 carats. Echoing the motif at the center of the necklace, The Arrow earrings are shown being crafted in the Maison’s ateliers.

Le Mythe

Reflecting Louis’ early use of his personal signature, Le Mythe is a multi-layered piece of jewelry combining several emblematic Louis Vuitton motifs: the Damier pattern, trunk lock-inspired details, studs, rope, and the now-iconic Monogram flower.

Requiring over 1,300 hours of work to create, this three-row diamond necklace presents three sugarloaf cabochons of unearthly perfection: a 19.70-carat Sri Lankan sapphire in a divine royal blue color, an 8.64-carat Colombian emerald with a deep bright green color and a vibrant, velvety-soft 7.11-carat Madagascan sapphire.

La Passion

Inspired by the mallettage that lines the interiors of the Maison’s traditional trunks, this lattice necklace in white gold set with diamonds and a precious collection of 75 round rubies was designed to feel like a second skin.

Le Tumbler

Invented by Louis in 1890, the patented unpickable Tumbler lock inspired Francesca Amfitheatrof to bring the mechanism’s angular shape to High Jewelry for the first time, reinterpreted in diamonds with Santa Maria-type cerulean aquamarines.

La Star du Nord

As an epilogue to this collection and the light that guides Mr. Louis Vuitton on his journey, this set depicts the metaphorical figure of the North Star with two rows of refined, graphic diamonds punctuated by a knot reminiscent of those used on the interior of trunks.

Alongside the knotted white gold, an exceptional Monogram Flower has been placed made of a 10.07-carat Type IIA D IF diamond enhanced with an LV Monogram Star cut. This stone of incomparable purity can also be removed from its necklace setting to be worn alone as a ring.