Step into the world of Louis Vuitton and discover the latest handbags—a collection where timeless tradition meets contemporary chic. Introducing the newest models that celebrate the Maison's heritage through signature canvas or supple leather, ideal for those seeking to invigorate their style with the latest offerings.

Enveloped in emblematic motifs and adornments—hallmarks of collections such as Damierlicious, which plays on classic patterns with a twist; Low Key's understated elegance; or Nautical's ode to sea-inspired luxury.

Embrace innovation with our Spring-Summer 2024 line-up, designed for those who dare to stand out. Or explore the Women’s Pre-Fall 2024 collection that bridges seasons with timeless allure. The Flight Mode series takes you on a journey without leaving urban sophistication behind.

The latest handbag models offer styles for every occasion: sleek day-to-night options exude effortless elegance while standout pieces from collections like Damierlicious and Low Key demand attention with unique charm.

Dive into Louis Vuitton’s most recent chapters: Damierlicious' playful reinvention, Low Key's refined subtlety, Nautical's adventurous spirit, Spring-Summer 2024's fresh vibrancy, Flight Mode's dynamic edge, and Women’s Pre-Fall 2024’s transitional grace. Every piece invites you to carry not just an accessory but a fragment of Louis Vuitton’s ongoing story—crafted for today yet enduring far beyond.