Women's Pre-Fall 2023 Show

Women's Pre-Fall 2023 Show

In a global premier, Nicolas Ghesquière presented his Women’s Pre-Fall 2023 Collection for Louis Vuitton on the iconic Jamsugyo Bridge in Seoul, South Korea on Saturday, April 29th at 6pm (GMT+7).


The collection celebrates the Maison's audacious style codes, exuding a multi-faceted allure. Nicolas Ghesquière combines avant-garde accents with vintage aesthetics in an embodiment of a contemporary femininity.


Embodying a bold eclecticism, the collection reimagines timeless silhouettes, in both whimsical and structured variations, adorned with a combination of lustrous embellishments, distinctive prints, and the Maison’s signature motifs, subtly revisited.

Jamsugyo Bridge

Hwang Dong-Hyuk, director of Squid Game, designed an immersive set on Seoul's iconic Jamsugyo Bridge, whose light projections reflect the incredible energy of a metropolis where past, present, and future coexist in harmony.


Friends of the Maison were invited to watch Louis Vuitton's first Women’s Pre-Fall collection on the Jamsugyo Bridge in Seoul.

Women's Pre-Fall 2023 Collection

Hoyeon and Sora Choi embody the contemporary allure of the Pre-Fall collection, which combines bohemian and leisure aesthetics for ultimate styling versatility.