Totem Lumineux

IDR 470.000.000

The Totem Lumineux is a strikingly elegant column of hand-blown Murano glass spheres that sit, as if balanced, atop a heavyweight, solid marble base. The lamp’s graceful globes, all differently shaped and separated by gilded brass rings, delicately refract the central column’s LED light. Totem Lumineux Multicolor is composed of seven glass spheres in five different colours: Peacock blue, Capri yellow, Caribbean green, Venetian ruby, and Emerald green. Totem Lumineux White is a variation on the theme of transparency with its globes of clear, sanded, textured and bubbled glass creating a delightful variety of clarity and opacity.

45 x 195 x 45 cm
(Length x Height x Width)
  • Dimensions : D 45 x H 195 cm
  • Weight : 65 kg
  • Solid Carrara marble base: Ø 450mm H125mm
  • Gilded metallic parts
  • Proximity sensor
  • Light tube color : 3000°K
  • 7 hand-blown Murano glass globes
  • Engraved LV logo & edition number on the rings
  • Made in Italy